Who we are

We are a professional team of top sleep and neuromodulation experts. Drawing on the latest science and technology, we want to help people from all over the world with their stress, anxiety and sleep issues.

Our vision

At Pulesetto, we apply neuroscience in a way that improves people’s lives. We’re dedicated to using technology that enhances health and wellbeing through calmess, balance and rejuvenation.

Our goal

To help 100 million people wake up every morning happier and healthier! We use the latest science to fight the modern world’s biggest problem - stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and mental health issues.

Our methods

We master technology and use it to deliver the highest quality products, so that our customers are always satisfied. We’re defined by the responsibility we have to our community - to be charitable, ethical and inclusive.

Why we created Pulsetto

Sadly, the 21st century has seen a huge rise in people experiencing stress and anxiety. As of 2021, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates:

• 40% of the US population have mental health issues.

• 31% struggle with anxiety and depression and

• 11% contemplate suicide.

Because of Covid-19 and other global events, ourselves, our friends and our families are finding it harder and harder to relax, to sleep, and to live a happy life.

We want to make a difference. So using our expertise in neuromodulation, we’ve created a drive to combat mental health and anxiety problems. Pulsetto is universal, efficient and easy-to-use. And we know it will help a lot of people feel better.


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