What if you could wear calmness?

Put it on your neck and forget it! Lower stress, less anxiety just with 4 minutes stimulation a few times per day.


of users felt calmer in just 2 weeks while reducing anxiety and stress

What to expect?

A pleasant light vibration in the neck area, which some refer to as tingling sensation.

Every day is a stressfull day

Only 4 Minutes a Day to Make a Difference

Stimulating the vagus nerve results in a drop in heart rate and the activation of the parasympathetic nervous – or the “rest and digest” – system. This makes you calmer, less stressed, less anxious and boosts sleep quality.

Parasympathetic nervous system activation

Helps the body rest, restore, and reset.

Gut-brain axis support

The vagus nerve is vital in the control of inflammation as well as the management of food intake and satiety.

Unique technology

Scientifically-proven electrical algorithm of the Pulsetto device helps activate the vagus nerve quickly and effortlessly.

Enhanced performance

Vagus nerve stimulation can increase performance while also making you feel less fatigued and emotionally depleted.

Easy to use
Start the vagus nerve stimulation with a few clicks on the app
Personalized app programs
Customised programs for dealing with various challenges
Fast results
Only 4–6 minutes needed per day

Real people. Real results

Scientific evidence

By developing an understanding of the workings of your vagus nerve, you may find it possible to work with our nervous system rather than feel trapped when it works against you. Increasing your vagal tone activates the parasympathetic nervous system, and having higher vagal tone means that your body can relax faster after stress.

People are Vagus nerve all around the World.

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