Your Health Starts In Your Vagus Nerve


You do everything to improve your health, have more energy, and reduce stress, but you see minimal results...

So you think that all these tips & tricks, all these healthy habits are just scams.

Or just a publicity stunt.

But in reality, it's just your vagus nerve.

It’s the main nerve responsible for transmitting signals between your brain and body.

But it’s not letting any improvements work because it’s not ‘charged’ enough.

And it gets charged through stimulation.

If it’s stimulated = charged, it works well to deliver the signals.

And if it’s under-stimulated = drained, it struggles to deliver them.

Activities like deep breathing, meditation, & exercise help it charge.

And factors like stress, lack of sleep, & poor diet drain it.

To explain it better...

Just imagine your body as a house and the vagus nerve as the main electrical cable in the house

It’s crucial for this cable to function properly since it distributes electricity throughout the building.

When the main electricity cable in a house stops working correctly, the lights might flicker, the fridge could stop cooling, and the TV might randomly turn off.

It is the same with your vagus nerve - if it starts to malfunction, it impacts your whole body.

You might experience irregular heartbeats, digestive issues, increased stress levels, migraines, and difficulty sleeping.

And what most people do when experiencing these symptoms is completely wrong...

Most people will take just about every pill that’s out there for sleep, digestion, migraines, heart health, and whatnot… 

But very few people will benefit from it.

For most, the symptoms will still be there & they’ll have zero clue why.

Their vagus nerve condition, a.k.a. vagal tone, is so poor that nothing helps anymore.

That’s why people who try vagus nerve stimulation experience immense benefits from the first use, such as…

✓ Feeling more relaxed & less stressed

✓ Longer & better sleep

✓ Improved digestion

✓ A huge drop in anxiety levels

✓ Lessed migraines

It’s just that their vagal tone was so under-stimulated that even a little stimulation makes a huge difference.

And even though the benefits of vagus nerve stimulation are extensively proven… 

Still, very few doctors are talking about it, for a very simple reason

It’s because, for many years it was tough to achieve targeted vagus nerve stimulation without invasive surgery.

Until recently, there was no other way to stimulate it except for expensive surgery or activities like meditation, breathing exercises, humming, & chanting.

And while these are proven effective, they take too long, and no one would take the doctor seriously if the prescription was just to chant or hum for 10 minutes.

Only a few years ago, this huge innovation completely changed the health industry forever

The non-invasive way to stimulate the vagus nerve directly came out.

A company named Pulsetto introduced a device that stimulates the vagus nerve directly through safe, targeted electrical impulses.

It effortlessly switches ‘fight or flight’ OFF and ‘rest and digest’ ON any time you want, in minutes.

People put it on their necks like this ↓

Pulsetto sends gentle signals to your vagus nerve, stimulating and 'charging' it.

As a result, people experience a variety of health benefits, such as...

✓ Reduced stress

✓ Lowered anxiety

✓ Improved sleep

✓ ADHD relief

✓ Enhanced heart rate variability (HRV)

✓ Stimulated vagus nerve

✓ Enhanced gut health

✓ Relief from migraines & autoimmune disorders

…& many more.

It's compact and easy to use, making it convenient for anyone looking to manage their stress on the go or at home.

With Pulsetto, achieving a state of calm and focus doesn't have to take up your time or sink into meditation–it simplifies relaxation into a few minutes of your day.

86% of users felt calmer, less stressed, and less anxious in just 2 weeks

Clinically proven results

Pulsetto reduces anxiety and stress by 64.5% for long lasting relief.
It’s drug-free and it works

Currently, there’s a limited-time 50% off on Pulsetto on the website…

If you decide to try - remember that you’re always protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  ✓ 30 Days Money-Back   ✓ Clinically Proven   ✓ 2 Year Warranty   ✓ FCC Certified

Here's proof of how much the vagus nerve actually does.

The Vagus Nerve functions in different organs

 Heart - Regulates heart rate and blood   pressure.
Lungs - Controls breathing by influencing respiratory rate and depth.
Stomach - Stimulates digestive juices and gastric motility.
Intestines - Controls the movement of food through peristalsis and absorption of nutrients.
Pancreas - Influences the secretion of pancreatic juices, which are essential for digestion.
Liver - Modulates bile production and release.
Kidneys - Helps in controlling the volume of urine formation.
Spleen - Modulates blood flow and is involved in the immune response.
Gallbladder - Regulates the release of bile, important for digestion.
Esophagus - Involved in the control of muscle movements that propel food to the stomach.
Larynx and pharynx - Controls muscles for swallowing and vocalization.
Brain - Oversees a wide range of bodily functions and emotional responses, including mood regulation, stress response, and overall mental health.