Which Vagus Nerve Stimulator nr1

We’ve Tested 3 Devices In 6 Months. Which Vagus Nerve Stimulator Is Currently #1 on the Market?

Written by Chris Miller – Biomedical Engineer & Senior Editor

After exploring various ways to manage stress and while also improving mental & physical health, we turned to Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS).

With the market offering several options, we focused on Pulsetto, Sensate, and Nurosym, given their popularity and user testimonials.

Traditionally, stimulating the vagus nerve required surgical procedures, which involved implanting a device in the chest with wires that run to the neck to stimulate the nerve directly.

This method was not only invasive but also carried risks associated with surgery and was costly, with procedures running into thousands of dollars.

Considering these factors, many are seeking more accessible alternatives. This has led us to explore at-home vagus nerve stimulation devices like Pulsetto, Sensate, and Nurosym, offering a non-invasive and more affordable way to achieve similar benefits without surgery or pricey medical bills.

We tested these devices rigorously over six months, rating them based on effectiveness, ease of use, overall user experience, & price. Here are the results:

Rating 9/10 – 1st place
Price $269

Pulsetto has quickly become a favorite for those needing quick stress relief. Its efficiency is remarkable, requiring only 4 minutes to take effect. This device is highly praised for its user-friendly use and adjustable settings, allowing individuals to tailor their relaxation experience.

In our tests, we found Pulsetto not only convenient but also highly effective. It offers a quick escape from daily stressors, fitting seamlessly into any lifestyle. Perfect for busy professionals or anyone looking for a quick way to unwind and recharge.4

  • Quick results in just 4 minutes
  • Ideal for immediate stress relief and relaxation
  • Different intensities & programs for personalized use
  • 20,000+ satisfied users worldwide
  • Stylish and user-friendly design
  • It can be used on a go

Why We Chose Pulsetto as the Best Overall Choice for Vagus Nerve Stimulation ↓

After careful consideration and thorough testing of various options, we confidently declare Pulsetto as the best overall choice for Vagus Nerve Stimulation.

In our thorough search for the most effective Vagus Nerve Stimulation device, Pulsetto stood out as the clear winner. Its ability to deliver results in just 4 minutes is unmatched. But it’s not just about speed… Pulsetto offers a variety of programs for stress, anxiety, sleep, pain management, and burnout, making it a flexible tool in any health routine.

The reason biohacking legends like Bryan Johnson and Dave Asprey are talking about Pulsetto is clear. Whether you’re a professional handling a busy schedule or seeking relief from pain, Pulsetto is designed to adapt to your life, providing quick and effective stress relief.

Experience why Pulsetto is the top choice in Vagus Nerve Stimulation, and join the ranks of those who have found a smarter, faster way to better mental & physical health.

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Rating: 8/10 – 2nd Place
Price: $300

Sensate offers a unique approach to stress relief, taking about 10 minutes to produce effects. This slightly longer activation time might suit users seeking a more gradual relaxation process. Its design, reminiscent of a large rock, gives it a distinctive look, different from conventional stress relief devices.5

While Sensate’s battery life is commendable, allowing for prolonged use, and its multisensory experience combining touch and sound is innovative, it may not be other choices for those seeking immediate results. Its sturdy build adds to its longevity, but the distinct design and longer session times might not align with everyone’s preferences or lifestyle.

  • Takes about 10 minutes to feel the effects
  • The design reminds a big rock
  • Long battery life for continuous use
  • Multisensory experience with both touch and sound
  • Durable & sturdy
  • Safe for all ages




Rating: 7/10 – 3rd Place
Price: $700

Nurosym offers an alternative to stress relief devices, with its effects noticeable after about 15 minutes. This duration may suit those who prefer a more extended relaxation period or are looking for a gradual easing of stress.6

The device’s appearance, similar to wired earpods with a controller, sets it apart in design, offering a more tech-oriented look. While this unique style might appeal to a tech-savvy audience, it could be less attractive for users seeking a more traditional or discreet device.

Nurosym’s performance in reducing stress is notable, but its longer time to effect and distinctive design may only be ideal for some. It presents an exciting choice for those who value a blend of technology and wellness, but there might be other options for quick stress relief or users favoring simplicity and speed.

  • Effects noticeable in 15 minutes
  • It looks like wired earpods with a controller
  • Integrates with a user-friendly app
  • Lightweight and discreet for public use
  • Offers gentle, soothing pulse sensations
  • Suitable for daily mental wellness routines