The Best Vagus Nerve Stimulation Devices of 2024

The vagus nerve stimulation is taking the internet by storm in 2024.

And it’s no surprise since it presents a wide range of benefits for one’s health such as:

✓ Lowered Anxiety

✓ Reduced Stress

✓ Improved Sleep

✓ Prevent Burnout

✓ Better Gut Health

✓ Regulated Heart Rate

All of these outcomes are the result of the vagus nerve activation, which is responsible for controlling everything: from your mood & mental health to heart rate & digestion.

The main reason most people are using vagus nerve stimulation devices is to experience total relaxation & manage stress better, which is a hot topic in today’s fast-paced world.

In this article, we review and compare the top vagus nerve stimulator brands of 2024


We've focused especially on the top 8 options, giving you a detailed look at what makes each one stand out in terms of ease of use, effectiveness, and user feedback.

Life these days got super busy and stressful. And this definitely impacts our health, making us feel constantly on edge… And never finding a moment to relax.

Luckily, the neuroscientists came up with a way to de-stress in minutes by stimulating the vagus nerve through safe electrical pulses.

Top Picks for Vagus Nerve Stimulation Devices

  1. Pulsetto — offers the best value for money among vagus nerve stimulators.
  2. Nurosym — the most recognized and trusted by the medical community.
  3. Hoolest — excellent for targeted stimulation of specific areas.
  4. Apollo — best in integrating with other technological devices.
  5. Sensate — the leading device specifically for toning the vagus nerve.
  6. Truvaga — the top choice for quick and gentle nerve activation.
  7. Hapbee — stands out with its unique electromechanical design.
  8. Neuvana — exceptionally comfortable to use while moving around.

When choosing the best vagus nerve stimulation device, it's essential to consider several critical factors. Here are six key areas to keep in mind:


Scientific standards


Benefits and USPs

Return and warranty

Rating of reviews:

Comment: Pulsetto at 4.5/5

  1. Effectiveness: Assess how effectively the device can alleviate symptoms or provide the promised health benefits.
  2. Scientific Standards: Look for devices that are supported by rigorous scientific research, including clinical trials, to ensure their efficacy and safety.
  3. Features: Evaluate the features offered by the device, such as adjustable stimulation settings, wearability, and compatibility with mobile apps.
  4. Benefits and USPs (Unique Selling Points): Understand the specific advantages each device offers, like unique health benefits, ease of use, or cutting-edge technology.
  5. Return and Warranty Policy: Check if there is a solid return policy and warranty in place, which is crucial for safeguarding your investment against defective products or unsatisfactory performance.
  6. Rating of Reviews: Consider the customer reviews and ratings to gauge user satisfaction and product reliability. For instance, Pulsetto scores an impressive 4.5 out of 5, reflecting positive user feedback and effectiveness.


1. Pulsetto — offers the best value for money (4.5/5)

Pulsetto offers an affordable wearable tVNS device that fits around your neck, enhancing well-being through tailored stimulation programs.


✅ Quick & effective sessions of 4-20 minutes

✅ 5 Different stimulation programs

✅ Affordable at $269, the most budget-friendly option on our list


❌ Not waterproof

❌ Feels unusual, light tingling

❌ Doesn’t show exact battery percentage


2. Nurosym — the most recognized and trusted by the medical community (4.2/5)

Nurosym by Parasym is a medically certified device designed to improve mental and physical health through earpiece signals that stimulate the vagus nerve.


✅ Widely supported by the medical community

✅ Eco-friendly, donating 1% of sales to environmental causes

✅ No ongoing costs after initial purchase


❌ Priced at €699, which may be too expensive for some

❌ Lacks variety in programs or settings


3. Hoolest — excellent for targeted stimulation of specific areas

Hoolest VeRelief Prime is a versatile, handheld electrode device designed to target multiple nerves, including the vagus nerve, for various health benefits.


✅ Targets multiple nerve types for comprehensive effects

✅ Based on research to ensure effectiveness

✅ Ready to use right out of the box


❌ Priced at $399.95, which is relatively high

❌ Manual operation may require some learning

❌ Needs replacement electrodes after 2 years


4. Apollo — best in integrating with other health tech devices

The Apollo tVNS device offers a sophisticated experience, seamlessly integrating with health apps like Apple Health and Oura Ring, providing targeted stimulation through diverse modes.


✅ Wearable as a bracelet or clipped to clothes for convenience

✅ Backed by solid research with multiple ongoing clinical trials

✅ Integrates well with popular health-tracking apps


❌ Higher price point at $349 plus additional costs for bands

❌ Longer charging times compared to similar devices

❌ Battery life is shorter, requiring frequent recharges


5. Sensate — the leading device specifically for toning the vagus nerve.

The Sensate device is a non-invasive vagus nerve toning tool that uses soundwaves to enhance relaxation and reduce stress, designed for use directly on the chest.


✅ Utilizes gentle VNT technology, preferable for those avoiding electrical stimulation

✅ Starts at $299, making it a more affordable option

✅ Low-cost annual subscription to the Sensate Plus app


❌ Limited variety in program settings

❌ Must be used while lying down, restricting mobility during use

❌ Requires further research to fully validate benefits


6. Truvaga — the top choice for quick and gentle nerve activation.

Truvaga introduces a handheld, easy-to-use vagus nerve stimulator designed for quick and gentle activation, enhancing overall well-being with no extra attachments required.


✅ Simple to operate without the need for apps or cords

✅ Offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy

✅ Travel-friendly with TSA-compliant components


❌ Limited to 350 sessions, which may require repurchase

❌ Not yet validated by clinical trials


7. Hapbee — stands out with its unique electromechanical design.


The Hapbee Smart Wearable uses advanced ultra-low frequency technology to enhance mental states through targeted magnetic fields, offering personalized mood management.


✅ Utilizes unique ULF technology for mood enhancement

✅ Includes special pricing for military and first responders

✅ Comes with a comprehensive 100-day money-back guarantee


❌ Requires stillness for optimal effectiveness

❌ Membership fees can be costly after initial trial

❌ Some claims lack extensive scientific support


8. Neuvana — exceptionally comfortable to use while moving around.

Xen by Neuvana is a cutting-edge auricular vagus nerve stimulation device that pairs with your phone for a comfortable and portable experience, allowing you to move freely during sessions.


✅ Highly comfortable and portable design

✅ Allows integration with music for a personalized experience

✅ Offers three distinct stimulation modes for versatility


❌ Priced higher than some other options at $449

❌ Setup involves several steps, which may be complex for some users

❌ Still requires more clinical research to back its claims

Frequently Asked Questions

How do vagus nerve stimulation devices work?

Vagus nerve stimulation devices work by sending gentle electrical pulses to the vagus nerve through various methods, such as ear clips or neck pads. These pulses help activate the nerve, which plays a key role in regulating several body functions, including mood and stress management. This stimulation can help improve overall well-being.

Can vagus nerve stimulation devices improve sleep?

Yes, vagus nerve stimulation devices often feature programs specifically designed to enhance sleep quality. By activating the parasympathetic nervous system, these devices can help calm the body and mind, promoting better sleep.

Are vagus nerve stimulation devices worth it?

Vagus nerve stimulation devices are definitely worth considering. They take very little time to use and by activating the parasympathetic system, they’re proven to deliver positive results such as reducing stress, improving sleep quality, and enhancing overall mood.

Can a vagus nerve stimulation device help with anxiety?

Yes, many tVNS devices include programs designed to help reduce anxiety by stimulating the vagus nerve. This affects the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps manage stress. According to a 2023 study, users reported an average drop in anxiety levels of 64.5% in just 15 days.