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Shipping is projected to take 7-11 business days.
Please note that orders placed before 11 a.m. on business days will be dispatched the same day, while orders placed after 11 a.m. will be shipped the next day.
We try to fulfill your item within three weeks during delayed delivery periods.

Yes, you can try Pulsetto risk-free for 21 days, send it back in its original packaging and we’ll refund your purchase. If the device is damaged or not working properly, you change it while your membership is active. For more information read THIS.

If you are dissatisfied with your equipment, we will gladly provide a refund and return within the first 21 days after purchase (counted from when the device was confirmed to be shipped).
After the initial 21 days, we accept returns on Pulsetto devices purchased directly from our website and returned from countries in which we operate.
To return your purchased equipment, please send an email to [email protected] requesting return labels and shipping instructions.
If you’ve already done all of the above and are still waiting for a response, please double-check your spam mailbox folder. Email servers may filter our messages at times. If this is the case, please remove the spam label from the email (there usually is a button at the top of an email that allows it to be marked as Spam or Not spam). By designating our responses as Not spam, we will send future responses directly to your mailbox.


The device provided by Pulsetto is FCC certified. This means that Pulsetto is approved for well-being use and compliant with the strict laws of the Federal Communication Commission. 

The FCC certification ensures that:

  • Pulsetto is based on scientific evidence
  • The Pulsetto is safe to use

For additional information, please refer to disclaimer.
Pulsetto technology uses the lowest bluetooth energy ultra low radiofrequency energy (ULRE) – which safely passes into the body.

Yes. Because the software controls the device through Bluetooth, it is essential for Pulsetto to work. However, once the stimulation has begun, you are free to use your time as you see fit.We recommend that you remain calm for several minutes when utilizing the Pulsetto device. Some of our users enjoys listening to music or watching TV while they are stimulating with Pulsetto.

No. During stimulation sessions, we recommend that you sit comfortably in a chair or sofa. You can move around, but avoid any physical activity.

If you have chronic stress or anxiety concerns, it is recommended that you use the first session for stress or anxiety within the first hour of getting out of bed; the application will remind you of the second session if necessary. In terms of a sleeping program, we recommend utilizing it one hour before sleep; the application will remind you of the second session if necessary.
Otherwise, you can use it as needed when you are experiencing stress or anxiety. The application includes extensive information.

Numerous factors, such as sleep quality and skin sensitivity, can influence how you experience Pulsetto, and hence feelings may change across sessions.
You feel tingling sensation in your neck region. You can always adjust the intensity in the application settings. If you do not feel anything, follow video instruction here.

Within three to four weeks, 80% of Pulsetto users see a significant improvement in their stress and anxiety levels. The time required to observe a difference varies across individuals and spans from 1-2 days to 4-6 weeks.

Pulsetto works by applying gel onto your neck, putting the device on, pairing it with the Pulsetto app, and letting it do its job. Choose your desired program and activate the device via the app. For more detailed information on how to use Pulsetto, check this out.

The vagus nerve controls several vital bodily functions, including the immune system, digestion, and heart function. It regulates the parasympathetic nervous system and connects the brain with internal organs. Due to its unique function, it is the perfect way to help a person who is overstimulated relax faster, sleep better, and fight off anxiety and stress.

Find a calm space, sit down, and relax. Take a time-out for 4–6 minutes. Practice some breathing techniques; e.g., the Buteyko breathing technique perfectly suits the Pulsetto stimulation, creating a synergistic effect.


The Pulsetto device has a single button; pressing it powers the device on. If you keep the button down for three seconds, the device will turn off. In other circumstances, if it is not in use, it will automatically switch off after few minutes.

No. Pulsetto is pre-charged and has a battery life of approximately a week with daily use. When the indicator turns blinking green, you must recharge.

When plugged in for charging, the device cannot be used; this is a built-in safety feature. If the battery is low, you can charge it for several minutes and then go for a session.

The product is made in Europe – Lithuania (components, plastics, electrical engineering, PCB, quality control, product assembly, Application). 

The device connection is activated through Bluetooth, which emits low levels of nonionizing radiation. Such exposure is not harmful to humans.

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