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Pulsetto VNS Device vs Hapbee ulRFE Technology | HRV Benefits, Side Effects, Price & Review

Pulsetto VNS Device vs Hapbee ulRFE Technology | HRV Benefits, Side Effects, Price & Review

Key Takeaways

  • A vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) device like Pulsetto can enhance wellness by improving heart rate variability (HRV)–an important indicator of one’s overall health. 
  • Like Pulsetto, Hapbee is a wearable device that uses ultra-low radio frequency energy technology to mimic the beneficial effects of substances such as melatonin and caffeine without the need for ingestion.
  • Both devices have different methods of stimulation, comfort levels, and program variety to cater to individual health concerns.
  • Understanding the side effects and precautions is crucial before using any wearable device.
  • The price point of each device varies, and it's important to weigh the cost against the potential health benefits they offer.

Pulsetto VNS vs Hapbee ulRFE Wearable Device Overview

Wearable technology has opened new doors for managing stress and improving overall well-being. Devices like Pulsetto and Hapbee, which use ultra-low radio frequency energy (ulRFE), are at the forefront of innovations in this field. 

They both offer convenience and health benefits, but which one is best for your specific needs? This article explores the key benefits and drawbacks of both to help with your decision-making.

The Role of Vagus Nerve Stimulation in Health

The vagus nerve is like the nervous system’s superhighway, connecting your brain to many important organs, including the heart and digestive system. Stimulating this nerve can help regulate stress responses and improve your body's resilience to pressure.

This is where HRV comes in.

It's a marker of how well your body can adapt to stress, and improving it can lead to better health outcomes.

By using a device like Pulsetto, you can potentially enhance your HRV, enabling your body to switch more effectively between the "fight or flight" response and the "rest and digest" state, promoting a balanced and healthy nervous system.

How Pulsetto and Hapbee Aim to Improve Well-Being

Both Pulsetto and Hapbee are designed to offer a non-pharmaceutical way to support your nervous system. Pulsetto uses electrical pulses to stimulate the vagus nerve, while Hapbee uses ulRFE to mimic the sensations provided by caffeine and melatonin. These sensations can be utilized in various situations, such as morning coffee, deep work, bedtime, and deep sleep.

The idea behind these devices is simple: by using either of them, you're helping your body better handle stress, which can lead to a cascade of health benefits, including better sleep, reduced anxiety, and an overall sense of calm.

Pulsetto vs. Hapbee Features Comparison Table





Starts at $199.00

Starts at $269


Ultra-low frequency magnetic fields

Vagus nerve stimulation

App Integration






Money-back Guarantee

100 days

30 days


1 year

2 years

Key Features

- Unique magnetic field technology
- Variety of "blends" for different effects
- Requires subscription for full functionality

- Clinically-proven VNS technology
- Customizable stimulation intensity
- Designed for stress, anxiety, sleep, and more

Design and Wearability

When you're choosing a wearable, of course, you want something that's not only effective but also comfortable to wear. 

Pulsetto is designed to be worn around the neck, which can be convenient for many users. Hapbee, on the other hand, offers versatility with the option to be worn as a headband or around the neck. This flexibility can be a significant advantage for those who prefer different wearing styles or need to switch it up throughout the day.

woman wearing Pulsetto device

Pulsetto’s VNS device is meant to be worn around the neck. 

Connectivity and App Support

Both Pulsetto and Hapbee come with app support, enabling you to control the device and track your progress via your smartphone. This feature is helpful because it lets you customize the device to your needs. 

Intensity and Customization Options

Another vital aspect to consider is how the device delivers its stimulation and how much control you have over it. Pulsetto has a set of fixed programs that you can choose from, depending on your needs. 

Hapbee users control the device using an app, which allows them to choose the desired signal blend and play it back through the wearable device.

Battery Life and Maintenance

Battery life is another factor to keep in mind. The Pulsetto device lasts for a week on a single charge, whereas Hapbee typically provides around 8 hours.

Differences between Pulsetto VNS vs. Hapbee ulRFE-Based Wearable

Let's break down the main differences between Pulsetto and Hapbee. 

While both devices aim to enhance your well-being through vagus nerve stimulation, they approach it in distinct ways. Pulsetto focuses on non-invasive stimulation through a neck-worn device that delivers electrical pulses. 

In contrast, Hapbee plays back specific magnetic signals engineered to mimic substances like caffeine and melatonin, offering their benefits without the need for ingestion and the associated risk of addiction.

Method of Stimulation and Comfort

Comfort is crucial when it comes to wearable technology. Pulsetto's design is centered around ease of use, with a focus on simplicity and effectiveness. Its method of stimulation is direct and targeted.

In contrast, Hapbee offers a broader range of sensations thanks to its ulRFE technology, which can reproduce the beneficial effects of selected compounds.

Scientific Research and Clinical Evidence

The market is awash with Wellness wearables, and their claims are continually challenged by both pundits and researchers. Needless to say, before trying one, it’s a good idea to determine if it’s backed by scientific research and clinical evidence. 

VNS, which can be induced by a device such as Pulsetto, has been shown to potentially reduce stress and improve HRV

Hapbee, on the other hand, claims that magnetic fields can be used to alter bodily functions, and these can be controlled using its own wearable device. 

Targeted Health Concerns and Program Variety

Depending on your specific health concerns, one device may be more suitable for you than the other. Pulsetto offers programs specifically designed to target issues like stress and anxiety. In contrast, Hapbee's ulRFE-based system can cater to a wider variety of needs, whether you need a boost of energy or seek a calming effect.

Your choice might depend on whether you prefer a device tailored to specific conditions or one with broader applications.

Pulsetto: Features, HRV Benefits, Side Effects, Price

Pulsetto Features

Pulsetto boasts several noteworthy features:

  • Non-invasive electrical pulse stimulation
  • Wearable around the neck for ease of use
  • Programs designed to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Mobile app integration for tracking and control
  • Up to a week of battery life on a single charge

Pulsetto HRV Benefits

By stimulating the vagus nerve, Pulsetto can improve your HRV, which measures the variability between heartbeats. You're probably aware that higher HRV is associated with a more resilient stress response system and better overall health. Over time, with regular use of Pulsetto, you'll likely feel calmer and more in control, thanks to the device's ability to promote autonomic balance.

Understanding Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Autonomic Balance

HRV is not about the speed of your heart rate but the subtle variations in time between each heartbeat. These variations are controlled by the autonomic nervous system, which consists of the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest) branches. A high HRV indicates that your body can efficiently alternate between these two states, reflecting a robust and adaptable nervous system.

Pulsetto Side Effects

Like any health device, Pulsetto may have side effects for some users. These can include discomfort at the site of stimulation or skin irritation. However, these side effects are typically mild and can often be mitigated by adjusting the placement of the device or the intensity of the stimulation.

Precautions and Recommendations When Using Pulsetto

Before starting with Pulsetto, it's recommended to consult with a healthcare provider, especially if you have underlying health conditions. It's also important to follow the instructions carefully and to start with lower intensity levels to gauge your body's response before gradually increasing the stimulation.

Pulsetto Price–Is It Worth It?

There is an ongoing deal you can take advantage of if you're thinking of getting a Pulsetto device. Right now, it is available for purchase at a special price of $269.00, which includes access to the app and a one-month trial of its Premium features.

Hapbee ulRFE-Powered Device: Features, HRV Benefits, Side Effects, Price

Hapbee's wearable device uses ulRFE technology to produce various sensations. 

Hapbee Features

Hapbee takes a different approach when it comes to technology and benefits. Its ulRFE technology allows for the production of magnetic signals that provide various benefits such as sleep and performance enhancements.

  • Adjustable modes to mimic various states like relaxation or alertness
  • Can be worn as a headband or neck device
  • App integration for a personalized experience
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life

Hapbee HRV Benefits

Hapbee's varied modes allow users to select the type of stimulation that best suits their current needs. This flexibility can lead to various health benefits by providing the appropriate response – whether that's calming down after a stressful event or energizing in the morning.

Hapbee Side Effects

Users should be aware of potential side effects with Hapbee as well, such as headaches or discomfort, particularly if the device is not used as directed. It's important to start slowly and pay attention to how your body reacts to the different modes.

Managing Potential Risks with Hapbee

As of this writing, no lingering side effects have been reported while using Hapbee's device.

Hapbee Price

For the Hapbee device alone, the price starts at $199.00. Accessories such as the pillow sleeve can be purchased separately.

Comparing Hapbee's Investment to its Health Returns

The true value of Hapbee lies in its potential to positively impact your daily life. If the device helps you manage stress better, sleep more soundly, or feel more energized, these benefits may well outweigh the initial cost.

Customer Reviews and Testimony

Pulsetto Review

Users of Pulsetto have reported positive experiences, noting reductions in stress and improvements in sleep quality. These testimonials highlight the device's potential to make a significant difference in users' well-being.

Hapbee Vagus Nerve Stimulator Review

Similarly, Hapbee users have shared stories of enhanced focus and relaxation. The ability to switch signals to suit different needs is often praised, making Hapbee a versatile tool in the quest for better health.

Pulsetto User Success Stories

There are many success stories from Pulsetto users who have seen improvements in their anxiety levels and overall mood. These anecdotes provide real-world evidence of the device's potential benefits.

Love these. I've used much more expensive FDA approved vagus nerve stimulators and this works better at a fraction of the price. I don't understand any of the negative reviews because my experience has been nothing but excellent. This company is doing innovative work and I hope they sell enough of these to stay around for a long long time because this is tech that needs to be available to the masses (and whose time has come). If your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) is in great shape but your parasympathetic nervous system has trouble kicking in, this is for you.

–Review by Clay Collins posted on March 27, 2024

Investing in Your Health with Pulsetto VNS

Investing in your health is crucial, and devices like Pulsetto VNS are becoming increasingly popular as tools for managing stress and improving well-being. Understanding how these devices work and the potential benefits they offer can help you make an informed decision on whether they are a worthwhile addition to your health regimen.

When to Consider Pulsetto VNS

Consider Pulsetto if you're seeking a non-invasive way to manage stress, anxiety, and improve your overall mood. If you've tried other stress-reduction techniques without success or are looking to complement your wellness regimen, Pulsetto might be the solution you need.

The Long-term Benefits of Vagus Nerve Health

The long-term benefits of maintaining a healthy vagus nerve are numerous. Improved vagus nerve function can lead to better stress management, enhanced mood, and a more balanced autonomic nervous system. By investing in a device like Pulsetto, you're taking a proactive step towards achieving these benefits and enhancing your overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Before I Might See Results with These Devices?

Results can vary from person to person, but some users may notice changes within a few days to weeks of consistent use. It's important to remember that factors such as individual health conditions and lifestyle can influence the effectiveness of these devices.

For Pulsetto specifically, wearers may start to notice subtle improvements in mood, sleep quality, or pain levels within a few weeks of consistent use, highlighting the importance of regular use.

Are There Specific Conditions That Benefit More from VNS?

Conditions related to stress, anxiety, and mood regulation can benefit from vagus nerve stimulation. People with chronic pain, depression, and sleep disorders may also find relief through consistent use of VNS devices.

However, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment, especially if you have a medical condition.

Can I Use Pulsetto and Hapbee Simultaneously?

While it's technically possible to use both devices, it's not recommended to use them at the same time. Each device stimulates the body differently, and using them together could lead to overstimulation. It's best to choose the device that aligns most closely with your needs and use it as directed.

Are There Payment Plans or Financial Assistance for Purchasing VNS Devices?

Some manufacturers offer payment plans or financing options to help make their devices more accessible. Check the websites of Pulsetto and Hapbee or contact their customer service for more information on available financial assistance.

What Should I Do if I Experience Discomfort While Using These Devices?

If you experience discomfort while using Pulsetto or Hapbee, it's important to stop using the device and consult your physician. They can assess whether the discomfort is a normal part of the adjustment process or if you should discontinue use altogether.

Furthermore, it's advisable to carefully review the device's instructions to ensure correct usage. You might also consider adjusting the intensity or placement of the device as recommended.

While VNS devices can offer benefits, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. It's crucial to discuss any new wellness devices with a healthcare professional, especially if you have underlying health conditions.

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