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In 2024, You Can Switch Your Stress Off, Thanks to Science

In 2024, You Can Switch Your Stress Off, Thanks to Science

According to doctors, it’s the #1 deadliest epidemic in the world.1

Sudden heart failures in ‘healthy’ people, aggressive tumors, & worst cases of depression.

It all starts with stress.

But if no one is safe from it,

why are some people always healthy, happy, & energized...

And others are always physically & mentally ill, unhappy, & drained?

Studies have been done.

It’s not genetics and it’s not the environment they’re in.

It’s only the ability to switch between 2 specific states

that separates healthy, low-stress & happy people from the rest.

These states are…2

1) ‘fight or flight’ for stressful situations,

2) ‘rest & digest’ for relaxation.

Both are important for the proper functioning of our bodies but... me, you DON’T WANT to spend too much time in ‘fight or flight’ mode

(It really wears you down.)3

When you’re facing stress, your body gets into ‘fight or flight’.

That’s typically situations like...

Getting a call from work when you’re relaxing at home.

Zooming through traffic to not be late for a meeting.

Or dealing with a last-minute deadline you forgot about.

Your heart pounds faster, your palms are sweating, & your mind is racing.

It helps for the moment with quicker decision-making and sharper focus.

But being stressed all the time messes with your sleep and cognitive abilities,

and even causes major health problems like high blood pressure and serious heart disease.4

And the biggest problem is that modern life keeps us in 'fight or flight' state for too long

In ancient times, stress was typically short-lived–like escaping from a predator.

Today’s challenges, such as constant work pressure, financial worries, and even social media, keep us in a perpetual state of alertness & tension.

And we're not built to deal with non-stop stress without relaxing.

That’s why so many successful and hard-working people also are the ones with the most heart diseases & other serious health problems.

Finding a balance & spending more time in ‘rest and digest’ – the opposite state of ‘fight or flight’ is key.

Because being in ‘rest and digest’ mode is like giving your mind & body a relaxing break 

In this state, your body takes care of itself by healing, growing, and digesting food properly.

It's when your heart rate slows down, you feel calm, and your body stores energy.

Spending more time here is good because it balances out the stress and keeps you healthy.

It can help you feel happier, think clearer, and live a longer, healthier life.

But to fully 'de-stress' and truly enter 'rest and digest', you need lots of time

That’s activities like…

→ Taking long, peaceful walks in nature.

→ Practicing mindfulness or meditation sessions.

→ Engaging in slow-paced hobbies, like gardening or painting.

And when was the last time you’ve done any of these?

79% of people can’t even tell.

And that's normal - these are old, time-consuming solutions that are hard to fit into the busy schedule of today's individual.

But here’s the shocking part.

The tendency shows that a number of people are stressing less each year

And they’re not under less pressure at work than you,

not meditating or exercising more than you,

and not eating healthier than you.

They’re just using this new, 4-minute-a-day method.

That allows them to switch to ‘rest & digest’ much faster and easier.

It only needs 4 minutes to make you feel the same peace, relaxation, & mental clarity... after a 2-hour walk in nature.

Here’s how.

A few years ago (in 2022), a group of engineers & biohackers created a revolutionary deep relaxation device

It switches ‘fight or flight’ OFF and switches ‘rest and digest’ ON any time you want, effortlessly, in minutes.

It’s called Pulsetto, and it’s designed with cutting-edge technology that activates your body's natural relaxation response.

People put it on their necks, like this ↓

And it sends gentle signals to your vagus nerve, which is a key part of your nervous system involved in controlling relaxation and stress levels.

By stimulating this nerve, Pulsetto helps you switch to ‘rest & digest’ quickly. That results in reduced stress, improved mood, and even better sleep quality.6

It's compact and easy to use, making it convenient for anyone looking to manage their stress on the go or at home.

With Pulsetto, achieving a state of calm and focus doesn't have to take up your time or sink into meditation–it simplifies relaxation into a few minutes of your day.

86% of users felt calmer, less stressed, and less anxious in just 2 weeks


If you’re still here, you deserve to hear the best part 

Pulsetto doesn’t only switch you from stress to relaxation.

Every single time you use Pulsetto, your mind and body become more resilient to stress. And that’s huge.

By using it every day, you’re minimizing the terrible consequences of stress...

...and maximizing your calmness, happiness, & good health.

Currently, there’s a limited-time 50% off on Pulsetto on the website…

But the stock for the device (especially after world-known biohackers Bryan Johnson & Dave Asprey got interested) is now always low.

If you decide to try - remember that you’re always protected with a 21-day money-back guarantee.


  ✓ 21 Days Money-Back   ✓ Clinically Proven   ✓ 2 Year Warranty   ✓ FCC Certified


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