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Are you suffering at the hands of the 21st Century’s silent killer? With financial worries, climate concerns and global security becoming ever more prevalent, one thing is certain – we are all feeling more stressed than ever. It is like to live in a stress factory!

Studies show that eight out of ten people are suffering from extreme stress, and that a third of the population have high levels of anxiety. Age, gender, ethnicity and religion are of no consequence. Stress grows every day and no one is immune. 

And, as I’m sure you’re aware, stress itself is not the only aggressor – it’s the impact it has on our sleep, too. Do you find yourself tired, weary, more lethargic than before? Do you struggle to focus at work? 48% of the population find themselves having problems sleeping. The perpetrator: stress and anxiety. Those two things are like bad habits in our menu. 

What if there was a way to combat it? Something safe, tested, and not involving medication? The last thing we need is more pills. Well, the key to a calmer future lies in a secret solution from the past – Vagus Nerve Stimulation at home.

What is the Vagus Nerve?

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The Vagus is the longest nerve of the autonomic nervous system, and the most complex of the cranial nerves. Think of it as a massive, meandering network of over 100,000 fibers. It is the body’s super highway, connecting the brain to every internal organ. 

The chemicals it releases regulate and balance blood pressure, heart rate, glucose and digestion. The Vagus Nerve is integral to our health and wellbeing. Imagine the impact of being able to control yours. 

Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) at home allows you to do just that. 

Vagus nerve stimulation at home is the key to effectively dealing with stress and anxiety. The science we are talking about is old, but there is now a new approach. Invasive, scientific Vagus nerve stimulation initiated in 1988 but studies now show that simple, non-invasive Vagus nerve stimulation has the same results. 

Stimulation of the nerve has a positive effect on parasympathetic nervous system activation, on mood and overall well being (Fersti et al., 2021), as well as positive results in the prevention and treatment of stress-related psychiatric disorders (Bremner et al., 2020). If we seek direct physical results, science shows that VNS has a positive effect on heart rate variability (HRV), a key factor in psychological well being and quality of life (Machetanz et al., 2021).

And what about your sleep? Stimulating the Vagus nerve activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the essential element for rest, digestion, restoration and relaxation. This makes you calmer, less stressed, less anxious and results in far better sleep. A better night leads to a better day. And you dont need sleep music, habit menu or watch some sleep gifs!

So how do you stimulate it?

Well, ordinarily it requires a significant amount of effort. The secrets of the Vagus nerve have been known for centuries and can be unlocked by meditation, but who has the time these days? In that case, you might try acupuncture. Not a fan of needles? 

Other options include breathing techniques, cold water treatments, neck exercises, jaw release, the difficult valsalva manoeuvre… Or how about something simple? A straightforward, efficient solution that you can use yourself and feel the effects fast? 


Try the Pulsetto

A revolution in the fight against stress and anxiety, the Pulsetto device is an easy-to-use, wearable piece of tech that only needs minutes to activate your Vagus nerve at home. Decades of research, not to mention centuries of knowledge, have now been modernised in a device that you simply slip onto your neck and forget about – similar to a pair of headphones when you’re not listening to them. Operated by a simple mobile app, the Pulsetto has pre-set sessions to either prevent or to deal with current instances of stress, anxiety or sleeplessness.

Pulsetto vagus nerve stimulation at home sessions last just 4-6 minutes, and science indicates that the effects are felt immediately. You will find yourself calmer, more relaxed and of clearer mind. The results are similar to yoga, but thankfully there is now no need for the mats, the exertion or to give up hours of your day. 

With such short sessions, combatting stress and anxiety doesn’t have to become an all-consuming enterprise, or yet another concern in your busy day. As a safe, easy alternative to medication without the worry of side-effects or prolonged issues should you choose to stop, the Pulsetto is now being chosen by working professionals from all walks of life. It lowers stress and anxiety, enhances your quality of life and boosts your focus. 

So, ready to fight back against stress factory? Utilise the benefits of vagus nerve stimulation at home now to improve both your results at work and your well being at home.

Lift your mood, improve your sleep, and enhance your quality of life.

All you need to do to get started is simply take the quiz below.

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