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Not Just a Product, but a Revolution in Mental Wellness

Do you believe effective stress and anxiety management should be as common and accessible as brushing your teeth? So do we.

About Pulsetto

Pulsetto is a groundbreaking invention designed to stimulate your vagus nerve—the biological highway that connects your brain, heart, and gut. Pulsetto takes a multi-pronged approach to wellness, offering:


Because holistic health should be accessible to everyone.


No complicated setups. Just a simple interface that anyone can navigate.

Speedy Relief

Feel the benefits in as little as 15 minutes.

Long-term Solution

This isn't just a quick-fix gadget; it's a long-term ally in your wellness journey.

Why Pulsetto is a Unique Opportunity for Investors:

Market Potential

Seize the opportunity to invest in Pulsetto as we target a rapidly growing Total Addressable Market in mental wellness, poised for transformative impact.

Proven Financial

In just one year, we've hit $1.3M in revenue and reached profitability. Projected to soar to $30M by 2025 through device sales and subscriptions.

Unique Value and
Competitive Advantages

We provide a fast, effective, and scientifically-proven solution tailored for both mental and physical well-being, setting us apart in the market.

Strong Management

Trust a team that swiftly turned an idea into a market-ready product in just nine months, hitting early sales milestones effectively.

Sustainable Business

Pulsetto is designed with a sustainable and scalable, subscription-based model that ensures long-term ROI alongside hardware sales.


Pulsetto harnesses billions of data points for medical research and personalized user experiences, offering investors untapped revenue opportunities.

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