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Anti-stress hacks and life changing tips


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Improve life quality and eliminate procrastination by biohacking your brain's pathways

Significantly improve productivity

Take your relationship, career and social life to the next level

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Vitalijus Majorovas


I know how you feel. Waking up every day feeling like the world is on your shoulders – or being so paralyzed by anxiety that even the smallest of tasks feels unbearable.

It can affect you in many areas, from school, to the workplace, and even your personal life, if left untreated.

Anxietless program was designed to work with you on a daily basis – it teaches you how to effectively manage both stress and anxiety, and helps you learn how to reduce distractions in order to stay on top of things.

We know that admitting to yourself that you need some help can be difficult, but don't worry – we're in this together, and you will beat this.


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