Published: November 19, 2023

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Why Melatonin Will Never Cure The Real Source of Your Sleep Issues, and May Even Make it Worse…

And How Only 4 Minutes a Day with This Simple Device Will Give You the Best Sleep You've Had in Years, Without Any Sweating, Tossing, or Turning.


Sleep is everything.

Russians did a ‘no-sleep’ experiment during the Cold War.

And 11 days were enough for 100% of the participants to go insane.

russian no sleep experiment

Even you, after a few nights in a row without proper rest…

...might start seeing, hearing, or imagining things.

And not only that.

Lack of sleep also robs people of energy, motivation, and good mood.

a man lacking sleep

And with time it even causes serious damage to the heart and immune system.

That’s why people have always tried to solve their sleep problems as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Melatonin's popularity has been rising for many years now.

sales of melatonin

At first, people who try it always talk about how it helps them fall and stay asleep.

They think they’ve found the ultimate solution. It’s quick, efficient, and doesn’t cause any harm.

But after a while, they start to have doubts.

The effectiveness of the magic sleep pills starts to drop…

Think about it. Would the consumption of melatonin rise year after year, if it could actually fix sleep?

Truth is, it’s so easy to become too dependent on this hormone… and consistently overdose.

woman with a lot of pills in her hand

It’s because when your body gets melatonin from a pill, it reduces the need to produce it in a natural way….

...and so the body gets used to making less of its own, natural melatonin.

Meaning the next time you go to sleep, you’ll have less of your own melatonin and you’ll need more of the artificial one.

You could say – what’s the problem with getting all the melatonin from the outside?

The melatonin pills you’re taking are inconsistent in the amount of the compound in them…

...making it super easy to overdose, using them regularly.

dr. andrew huberman

- Dr. Andrew Huberman

“It’s effective in that it can shift your circadian clock. But I am a strong believer in avoiding taking exogenous melatonin. First of all, it’s been well documented that many of the supplements that contain melatonin have far too much — 3 to 6 milligrams is a massive dose. Typically, the body makes very little melatonin.”

Ask Me Anything: Neuroscience with Andrew Huberman

dr. matthew walker

- Dr. Matthew Walker

"Now, it can be somewhat efficacious, but the studies are equivocal. The US government does not regulate it, and from one different vendor to the next, the melatonin concentration relative to the bottle can be anywhere between 80% less to 460% more. So, it's a bit of a wild west, and you have to be quite careful. Most people tend to typically overdose with melatonin; they tend to typically take maybe five mg or 10 mg."

Is Melatonin A Good Sleep Aid? Why We Sleep |Penguin Books UK

BrainLuxury is not endorsed by Andrew Huberman or Matthew Walker nor affiliated with either party.

And overdosing is no joke… It seriously affects your well-being.

People diagnosed with melatonin overdose complain about:

Sleepiness during the day. Since melatonin is designed to help induce sleep, taking too much can lead to feelings of drowsiness that persist into the day.

Changes in blood pressure. Some studies suggest that melatonin can raise or lower blood pressure. Those with blood pressure concerns should be especially cautious.

Gastrointestinal problems. This can include stomach cramps, diarrhea, or nausea.

Joint pain. Some people report feeling joint pain after taking too much melatonin.

Headaches. This is one of the more common side effects of taking excessive melatonin.

Dizziness. Feeling light-headed or dizzy can be a symptom of too much melatonin.

Mood changes. This can range from feelings of depression to mild feelings of sadness or irritability.

Hormonal changes. Melatonin is a hormone, so large doses can potentially disrupt hormonal balances, affecting things like menstrual cycles in women.

That's why we've spent years of research and experimentation… design a device that helps effectively manage stress, ensuring it doesn’t disrupt any more of your sleep.

woman wearing pulsetto device (1)

The Melatonin crisis wasn’t going anywhere.

So we wanted to help people solve their sleep problems quickly, easily, and without having to consume pills that are addictive.

Our device Pulsetto works by stimulating the vagus nerve, a key component of the body's parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for relaxation and recovery.


By activating this nerve, Pulsetto promotes a state of calm and relaxation in the body, preparing it for a restful night's sleep.

Moreover, one of the clear markers of stress is an elevated heart rate.

Stressful situations or chronic stress can lead to a consistently high heart rate, which in turn can interfere with sleep.

By promoting relaxation and reducing stress, Pulsetto helps to lower the heart rate, further ensuring an ideal environment for restorative sleep.

The combined effect of vagus nerve stimulation and a reduced heart rate creates the best conditions for deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Ready to finally find something that actually works for your sleep?

Try it risk-free and see the changes.

Let’s put it this way.

Most people who want to ‘fix’ their sleep often get one of these rings that track your sleep cycles, amount of deep sleep, and times you wake up at night.

But tracking sleep is not the same as improving it.

You get overloaded with data about your rest at night…

But figuring out what to do with it is up to you.

And this ring can often cost up to $350 + subscription.

On the other hand, you can simply get a device that improves your sleep after the first use… ...without overloading you with unnecessary data.

On top of that this device also provides:

✓ Instant calm and relaxation (in just 4 minutes);

✓ Mind clarity and deep focus;

✓ Waking up refreshed and energized;

✓ Easy burnout prevention;

✓ Improved mood, feeling emotional balance.

pulsetto + free 14 day app trial

Real people. Real results


The Pulsetto vagus nerve stimulation device is FCC certified. This means that Pulsetto is approved for well-being use and compliant with the strict laws of the Federal Communications Commission.

Our FCC certification ensures that:

  • Pulsetto is based on scientific evidence
  • Pulsetto is safe to use

Pulsetto technology uses the lowest bluetooth energy, ultra low radiofrequency energy (ULRE), which safely passes into the body.

Additional information.

The use effect varies depending on the individual’s health condition and severity of the symptoms, but usually occurs within 1–30 days. The elderly with severe body imbalances and people with severe symptoms experience rapid effects within 1–3 days, while healthy people may experience the effects after 30 days.

80% of Pulsetto customers see a substantial improvement in their stress and anxiety levels after 3–4 weeks. The time necessary to see a difference varies from person to person and might range from 1–2 days to 4–6 weeks.

Don’t worry, it’s very easy! 

  1. Apply a generous amount of the Pulsetto gel to your neck. 
  2. Put the device around the back of your neck (like you would a pair of headphones).
  3. Next, pair the nerve stimulator with the Pulsetto app.
  4. Choose one of the available programs and start the device via the app.
  5. And you’re done – kick back, relax, and let the pulsing do its magic.

For more detailed information, take a look at our video instructions.

The Pulsetto app includes 5 unlimited stimulation programs for sleep improvement, anxiety and stress reduction, burnout, and pain management. The app also comes with a sound library with custom-engineered soundscapes. 

We’re always adding new features and functionality directly to the app, so you don’t need to worry about buying a new nerve stimulator every year: all the coolest, newest features will be available directly in your app!

There are no additional costs or fees, only the one-time purchase of the Pulsetto electrical stimulation device required to use the app.

After you place your order, we will send you the Pulsetto electronic nerve stimulator, charging cable, electrode gel, and user manual. 

You will need to download the Pulsetto app via Google Play for Android or the App Store for Apple devices to get started.

If you don’t receive a link with further instructions within 2 hours, please check your email spam folder.

Shipping within the US usually takes 5 to 7 business days. 

Yes, you can try Pulsetto risk-free for 21 days. If you decide to return it, send it back in its original packaging and we’ll refund your purchase. If the device is damaged or not working properly, you can exchange it while your membership is active. Read our Terms and Conditions for details.

Stimulating the vagus nerve increases its activity, resulting in a drop in heart rate, an increase in HRV (heart rate variability) within 3–4 weeks, and the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. This makes you calmer, less stressed, less anxious, and results in better sleep.  

Some factors could affect your results, however. If your HRV is under 50, it is too low, meaning you can have issues with your gut, ability to relax, blood pressure, and a bunch of other things. If it is around 80 – it is very good. And 100, of course, means it’s perfect.

Want to know more? Email us any time! Please reach out to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch.

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