Shipping Policy

Our objective is to provide you with the most optimal shipping choices, regardless of your location. Each day, we serve numerous customers worldwide, ensuring that we maintain the utmost level of responsiveness consistently.

The delivery timeline for your orders can be broken down into two segments:

  1. Processing Time: As soon as you place an order, it is immediately forwarded to our fulfillment center. The processing time encompasses order verification, customization, quality inspection, and packaging, typically taking 1-2 business days.

  2. Shipping Time: This pertains to the duration required for the items to be dispatched from our fulfillment warehouse to your specified destination. Following the processing phase, all orders are shipped through reputable carriers with tracking services. The typical delivery time for items is usually within 3-7 business days.

International Duties: Customers are responsible for any applicable international duties upon the arrival of their orders. We recommend consulting your local government agency for information on these associated costs.

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