Reduce stress. Beat anxiety. Sleep soundly.

Pulsetto uses revolutionary science to activate your parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety. Feel calmer, sleep better, live happier.

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Reduce stress. Beat anxiety. Sleep soundly.

Pulsetto uses revolutionary science to activate your parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety. Feel calmer, sleep better, live happier.

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What's included in the price

  • Pulsetto Device: By stimulating vagus nerve activate the body’s relaxation response, promote better sleep and reduce stress
  • Pulsetto App: 5 Expert-Designed Settings for Stress, Anxiety, and More
  • Progress Tracker: Feel & see your progress faster
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Activating the parasympathetic nervous system helps your body rest, restore, and reset.


The vagus nerve is vital in the control of inflammation as well as the management of food intake and satiety.


Pulsetto harnesses cutting-edge science to activate the vagus nerve quickly and effortlessly.


Vagus nerve stimulation improves sleep quality so your mood improves and you feel less tired and fatigued.

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What's included with the Pulsetto nerve stimulator?

Pulsetto nerve stimulator

Pulsetto nerve stimulator

Pulsetto application

Pulsetto application

Device charging cable

Device charging cable

Electrode gel

Electrode gel

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Pulsetto reduces anxiety and stress by 64% for long lasting relief











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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use device?

Using Pulsetto is very easy. Apply a generous amount of gel to your neck. Put the device on your neck, then pair it with the Pulsetto app. Choose your desired program, then start the device via the app.

What is vagus nerve stimulation?

The vagus nerve is the major highway between your brain and internal organs. It releases neurotransmitters that reduce blood pressure and heart rate and increase alertness and focus.

The purpose of Pulsetto is to provide stress resilience and well-being to people from all walks of life by utilizing effective methodologies and cutting-edge

Based on decades of expertise working with stress and trauma-related conditions, we are bringing to the mainstream market a vagus nerve activation technology that will enable customers to treat conditions such as stress, poor sleep, and anxiety.

You can find additional information here: SCIENCE

Are there any additional costs or subscription fees?

The Pulsetto device is a one-time purchase that comes without any additional fees, subscriptions, or charges. Enjoy the full functionality of your Pulsetto without worrying about ongoing costs. 

However, for users seeking enhanced features and personalized experiences, we offer optional add-ons such as the Premium app subscription and other programs designed to support you on your journey to a healthier life. These additional offerings are entirely optional, allowing you to tailor your Pulsetto experience based on your preferences and wellness goals.

How can I make sure the vagus nerve is stimulated?

Stimulating the vagus nerve increases its activity, resulting in a drop in heart rate, an increase in HRV (heart rate variability) within 3–4 weeks, and the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. This makes you calmer, less stressed, less anxious, and results in better sleep.

Some factors could affect your results, however. If your HRV is under 50, it is too low, meaning you can have issues with your gut, ability to relax, blood pressure, and several other things. If it is around 80, it is very good. And 100, of course, means it’s perfect.

When can I start feeling the effect?

The use effect varies depending on the individual’s health condition and severity of the symptoms but usually occurs within 1–30 days. The elderly with severe body imbalances and people with severe symptoms experience rapid effects within 1–3 days, while healthy people may experience the effects after 30 days.

80% of Pulsetto customers see a substantial improvement in their stress and anxiety levels after 3–4 weeks. The time necessary to see a difference varies from person to person and might range from 1–2 days to 4–6 weeks.

What's included in Pulsetto app?

It includes 5 unlimited stimulation programs for sleep improvement, anxiety and stress reduction, burnout, and pain management.

Also, the Pulsetto app has a sound library – the soundscapes are engineered solely for Pulsetto – using frequency harmonics with auditors’ stimuli and frequency following responses.

Pulsetto continually adds new features and functionality directly to the app without the need to buy new hardware.

What happens after I order?

Upon placing your order and receiving the confirmation, our team initiates prompt processing. Within 1-3 days, your Pulsetto device is dispatched for delivery. Upon receiving your device, detailed instructions can be found in the user manual, guiding you through setup and usage.

P.S. To kickstart your Pulsetto experience, don’t forget to download the Pulsetto app from Google Play or the App Store. For essential updates regarding your order, including confirmation, tracking links, and additional instructions, kindly check your Spam, Promotions, Social, and Updates folders, in case our emails are directed there. If you encounter any issues or have questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at

Is Pulsetto safe to use?

The Pulsetto device is FCC certified. This means that Pulsetto is approved for well-being use and compliant with the strict laws of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).

The FCC certification ensures that:

Pulsetto is based on scientific evidence

The Pulsetto is safe to use

For additional information, please refer to the disclaimer. (

Pulsetto technology uses the lowest Bluetooth energy ultra-low radiofrequency energy (ULRE) – which safely passes into the body.

How long can I use Pulsetto after it's fully charged?

The battery life of Pulsetto is about a week with daily use. When the indicator turns blinking green, you must recharge.

Can Pulsetto increase HRV?

Yes, Pulsetto can increase HRV (Heart Rate Variability) by stimulating the vagus nerve, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This activation helps the body enter a state of rest and digest, promoting a calmer, less stressed state and resulting in better sleep, all of which can contribute to an increased HRV.