How This New Way of Stimulating the Vagus Nerve Switches Off Migraine Pain in Just 8 Minutes & Makes It Less Frequent


Migraine are mainly caused by a few common factors such as vasodilation, neurogenic inflammation, and abnormal serotonin metabolism

Changes in serotonin levels in the brain stem may affect cranial circulation, stimulating the trigeminal nerve.

This leads to the release of chemicals causing blood vessel inflammation, serotonin level drops, and the start of a migraine.

Additionally, the change in brain magnesium levels might also contribute.

Finally, migraine triggers also include emotional stress, certain foods, sleep disturbances, hormonal changes, smoking, skipped meals, bright lights, and some medications.

And for years, there were no safe, non-invasive solutions for migraines until…

Recent studies have revealed that vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) can be highly effective in managing migraine symptoms

This nerve plays a crucial role in managing pain and reducing inflammation, which are key factors in migraines.

Vagus nerve stimulation works by sending mild electrical pulses to activate this nerve.

When activated, the vagus nerve sends signals to the brain, which is crucial in how we experience pain.

These signals from the vagus nerve can quickly and effectively change the areas in the brain that handle pain

By reducing the activity in these areas, the vagus nerve can help reduce the intensity of pain signals, leading to less severe migraine pain.

Essentially, these signals act like a natural pain relief method, interfering with the pathways that transmit pain sensations and therefore reducing the impact of migraine symptoms.

This process not only provides immediate relief from the discomfort of migraines but also helps decrease their frequency over time.

By consistently changing the way the brain processes pain signals, VNS can lead to long-term improvements in migraine patterns, offering a sustainable and non-drug approach to migraine relief.

However, for a long time, accessing the vagus nerve for therapeutic purposes was difficult

...because of the vagus nerve's location and function.


The vagus nerve is long and travels deep inside the body, touching many organs, which makes it hard to reach and stimulate in a non-invasive way.

That’s why traditionally, stimulating this nerve required surgical procedures, which involved implanting a device in the chest with wires that run to the neck to stimulate the nerve directly.

This method was not only invasive but also carried risks associated with surgery and was not easily accessible to all migraine sufferers.

But a few biomedical engineers from Europe kept on searching for an easier way to reach this nerve, primarily for personal reasons...


The wife of one of them was suffering from cluster headaches for years… And was desperately in need of a relief.

So they’ve been working for months to come up with something the world hasn’t seen yet.

They’ve invented a way to help people reduce their migraine pain–just by clicking one button...

A simple, bilateral (two-sided) vagus nerve stimulation device they called Pulsetto marked a significant advancement in migraine treatment all around the world.


The non-invasive way to stimulate the vagus nerve made VNS more accessible and convenient.

With such technology, people suffering from migraines can now achieve symptom relief just by clicking a button. Here’s how


The mechanism of action of nVNS (vagus nerve stimulation) in migraine treatment is complex and involves multiple factors.

Research shows that nVNS can inhibit the trigeminovascular pathway and reduce glutamate levels in the central nervous system.

A specific study in a chronic trigeminal allodynia rodent model showed nVNS reversed high glutamate levels, indicating pain reduction, in the trigeminal nucleus caudalis.

These findings suggest that nVNS's direct stimulation of the vagus nerve leads to decreased activity in the trigeminovascular system, contributing to its effectiveness in treating migraines.

This means that directly activating the vagus nerve helps calm the nerve pathways that are involved in migraine pain, making the migraines less intense.

Pulsetto vs. traditional migraine treatments

When compared to traditional migraine treatments, such as over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs, Pulsetto stands out for its non-invasive approach.

This is particularly important for those who suffer from migraines frequently and are concerned about the long-term effects of medication.

Unlike pills that temporarily mask pain while also slowly but surely damaging your liver, kidneys, & heart…

…Pulsetto's method aims to change the body's pain response, potentially leading to a more sustained and holistic form of relief.

This approach not only spares people from the potential side effects of medication but also offers a practical, user-friendly method to manage their condition.


Here’s what users reported after 15 sessions with Pulsetto

It’s becoming one of the biggest wellness trends of 2024.

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